Success Stories

Like most, we at Proxime don’t usually plug how well we do what we do. However, this page allows us a small amount of humble brag. Please feel free to peruse our success stories, we’re super proud of them.

Mid-Level AWS Engineer – Based in North America.

Our Canadian based client, a global financial services company reached out to Proxime to find a Mid-AWS Engineer after trying to recruit these skills directly. The remit was to find someone for their Calgary, Alberta, Canada office or for their New York office, with a specific level of experience within the AWS skillset, specific salary budget and someone who would fit in with either location team.

After speaking with a limited number of candidates and limited numbers due to the fact that the skills required were hard to find & very popular, we established three candidates based in Alberta. All three were considered suitable to be interviewed by our client and indeed, if there had been three different roles, they may have taken all three on.

As we had worked with this company before, we knew the recruitment process: From our client receiving the resume, the interview process, through to job offer and the commencement of employment. Due to having this information, it was easier to engage and guide the candidates through the process, making them feel comfortable at each stage so they could concentrate on being at their very best.

The successful candidate was at the time working as a consultant but wanted to work as a direct- hire/ permanent employee to feel part of a growing business and to feel included in decision making. During the hiring process our long term client went through an acquisition, so the successful candidate is not only now making decisions, but is indeed part of a growing business and a truly global business.

Psychometric Product Manager

Our client, a global software company came to us with a specific requirement, they needed someone to join their team to train as a Product Manager, but this was not a normal Product Management position, they wanted someone from a slightly different background, someone who came from a Psychometric assessment background. Our client knew that they had a gap in their team and asked if we could source someone with those skills who had enough knowledge in psychometrics to be a real asset to the team.

I started to talk with suitable candidates, most of whom had not even thought of using their psychometric skill set in a position like this, once we explained how their skills would be invaluable, they realised how they could really make a difference.

One candidate stood out for me, and after some in depth conversations I submitted her to the client, they quickly came back and arranged an interview, the interview process was swift, after each interview the outcome was positive. My candidate was offered the position, but unfortunately due to feeling insecure about moving jobs during a pandemic she decided to decline the offer!

So, it was back to the drawing board, and after going through the same process, I found another excellent candidate, who again was offered the position after 4 interviews. Unfortunately, this candidate also decided to decline because of the uncertain times we were in.

Our client was amazing and understood that this was through no fault of my own, they were very pleased with the candidates I had submitted.

So, it was back to the drawing board for the third time! I went through the same process and eventually spoke to a young man who came across as individually minded, passionate about his psychometric background and was eager to make a difference.

I submitted his details and 4 interviews later he was offered the position and accepted. In hindsight this candidate was the strongest we had seen and with patience and determination much to the pleasure of our client and the candidate, we filled the position.

Product Manager – “Individual thinker”

Our client, a global software company came to us with a specific requirement, they needed someone to join their team, someone with UI/UX skills, someone who had enough knowledge and experience that they could hit the ground running, and someone who could take a digital product that was “a bit long in the tooth”, understand the user journey, and drive improvements. 

But first and foremost, they wanted someone who was in their own words “an individual thinker, someone who could bring fresh ideas to the table”.

As I started to talk to suitable candidates, one in particular stood out from the rest, she was a young lady with a broad outlook having worked in Israel, Switzerland, Slovenia and the UK, who was engaging, talented and eager to share her ideas. As we spoke further, I knew that she was the perfect candidate for the position.

I sent her profile over and my client very quickly wanted to interview her, this had to be done remotely because of the pandemic.

The interview process was effortless, there were three stages in total and each with glowing feedback, ultimately my candidate was offered the position and started 2 weeks later, she was over the moon to be joining an organisation where she can use her skills and knowledge and really make a difference, and I am happy that I was able to make that happen for her.