September 2019 Newsletter

I have a feeling that this is the end of summer and as the nights draw in and the thermostats turn up, I’m back with another fix of your UK recruitment news. Last months Brain Teaser was a little too easy for some of you so I’m going to ramp up the difficulty, but congrats to Simon from Guildford who got the right answer and has a bottle of something sparkling on the way. 

Lifelong learning, AI mentors and idea remuneration to define the workplace of tomorrow

Looking at the radical transformation of our working lives over the next 10 years and beyond, the report explores both the challenges and the opportunities as companies prepare for a new wave of technological advances and a new generation of workers.

Almost half of employees have never networked – despite 78% thinking it’s important for their career
One in four employees would take no time off when a loved one dies

September Brainteaser…

Heres a tricky one for you…

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Good Luck!

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