Our Approach

We’ve evolved a three-stage recruitment process whereby we explore, engage and evaluate.

Explore: We spend time upfront to understand our client’s need, their business environment, organisation and team structure, and what-good-looks-like in terms of the person they wish to bring on board. This is the foundation upon which the recruitment process is built.

Engage: Engaging potential candidates in the recruitment process is where we spend a huge amount of time. In a dynamic, low unemployment labour market good candidates have numerous choices so we have to be relevant, credible and trustworthy in order for people to feel comfortable discussing their career aspirations. Our approach is information-rich, straightforward and very open.

Evaluate: We use the information we gained during the exploration stage alongside our years of recruitment experience to properly evaluate candidates’ suitability. We make sure expectations are managed and we won’t waste anybody’s time. We believe news should travel fast – be it good or bad – and we know the importance of constructive feedback.