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The Most In Demand Jobs Right Now

Picture yourself in this fairly plausible, workaday situation: You drop off your car at the auto shop; call a ride to take you across town to your usual therapy appointment; check in with the front desk; and walk in for a friendly session with your psychologist. 

You just encountered people in the top four jobs with the fastest-growing demand on LinkedIn: car detailer, driver, front desk representative, and psychologist. The number of paid job posts more than doubled for each of these roles over the last quarter (October 1 – December 31, 2022), compared to the preceding quarter (July 1 – September 30).

Demand continues to rise for a variety of frontline jobs — those which must be done onsite in close contact with customers or coworkers — furthering a trend we’ve tracked across several quarters. 

Read on to see the full rankings. This story is updated on a quarterly basis to help talent professionals manage expectations, inform hiring decisions, and understand the changing landscape of the talent market.

Drivers, in particular, have come a long way over the past six months. Three months ago, we reported that demand for drivers doubled between Q2 and Q3. Now we can report that between Q3 and Q4, demand doubled again. 

That’s why it’s the only job that appears in both of the lists in this post: It’s both the fourth-fastest-growing and the fourth overall in terms of paid job postings on LinkedIn. 

Jobs with the fastest-growing demand on LinkedIn

Roles with the greatest increase in paid job posts, Q4 2022 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31,  2022) vs. Q3 2022 (July 1 – Sept. 30, 2022)

  1. Front Desk Representative +2.7x more job posts in Q4 ‘22 vs. Q3 ‘22
  2. Psychologist +2.3x
  3. Car Detailer +2.2x
  4. Driver +2.1x
  5. Baker +1.9x
  6. Information Specialist +1.9x
  7. Veterinary Assistant +1.9x
  8. Home Health Aide +1.8x
  9. Warehouse Stock Clerk +1.8x
  10. Training Supervisor +1.7x

The accelerated demand for drivers is likely interconnected with many of the other jobs on this list — more professional drivers probably means more demand for car detailing services, for example. More broadly, nearly all of the jobs above are frontline roles that must be done in-person, which also means people need to travel to their place of work. 

It’s important to note that an increase in paid job posts on LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily mean these job openings didn’t exist before. Before the pandemic, perhaps it was easier to attract talent to these positions with a simple “Help Wanted” sign in the window. 

But as workers take a stronger stance on demands around pay and working conditions, it may be getting harder to attract and retain frontline employees. In fact, a recent survey from Workday reveals that 56% of senior executives surveyed are seeing higher frontline employee turnover than historical averages. 

According to Gartner research cited in the Harvard Business Review, frontline employees are especially interested in more autonomy and flexibility “when it comes to what they work on, who they work with, and the amount they work — in particular, control over and stability in their work schedule, as well as paid leave.”

The only non-frontline jobs on the list are psychologist, information specialist, and training supervisor. Demand for mental health services has been on the rise since the beginning of last year, when a report by the American Psychological Association speculated on what might be behind the surge:

But now, the demand for psychology expertise is spreading. Maybe it’s the declining stigma around mental health, or maybe it’s the aftershocks of the pandemic. Maybe it’s just the always-on pace of modern life or the general sense that the future is uncertain.

A newer story from Fortune points to the corporate world’s growing demand for industrial-organizational psychology, which focuses on topics like employee well-being, burnout, and engagement — in part to make it easier to attract and retain talent.

Nurses continue to be the No. 1 most in-demand job, amid historic strikes and talent shortages

The list of the most in-demand jobs overall on LinkedIn hasn’t changed much over the past quarter: nine out of the top 10 jobs also made the previous list, albeit in a slightly different order. The only newcomer was also the biggest mover: warehouse associate — another frontline role — which jumped 10 spots to land as the No. 8 most in-demand job.

Jobs with the most demand overall

Roles with the greatest number of paid LinkedIn job posts, Q4 2022 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2022)

  1. Registered Nurse (no change in rank vs. previous quarter)
  2. Salesperson (+1)
  3. Software Engineer (-1)
  4. Driver (+5)
  5. Retail Salesperson (no change)
  6. Project Manager (-2)
  7. DevOps Engineer (no change)
  8. Warehouse Associate (+10)
  9. Cashier (-3)
  10. Customer Service Representative (-2)

Topping the list for the second quarter in a row is yet another frontline role, one that has been under immense pressure since the start of the pandemic: registered nurse. 

Staffing shortages and struggles have reached new heights just in the last few weeks, with nurses and healthcare workers striking for better working conditions, or simply leaving the field after chronic burnout.

By numbers and impact, nurses are certainly one of the most essential of all essential workers. For the sake of their health, the health of their patients, and the health of the global economy, here’s hoping nurses make a strong recovery. 

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